A lot of people recognize Old Mission as "that beautiful stone church on Shawnee Mission Parkway".  Have you driven by?  At the heart of Old Mission, you'll find a welcoming community of believers who care - for each other, for those around us, and for God.  We invite you to come inside this Sunday!



Plan to join us for on February 10 for one of our Ash Wednesday Services as the Christian season of Lent begins.  Lent is the 40 days before Easter Sunday and is designed to help us prepare spiritually for a closer relationship with Christ.  Also plan to join us on Sundays, starting on February 14 for our Lenten Sermon Series which is entitled, “Finding the Way.”

Ash Wednesday Services:

7:00 am—Drive Through Service in the north parking lot with coffee, prayer, and ashes. Rev. Karen Nyhart officiating

12 noon— Ash Wednesday service, Rev. Leslie Van Blarcom preaching in the Meditation room

7:00 pm— Ash Wednesday service, Rev. Wally Proctor preaching in the Sanctuary


Worship Gathering Times

8:30 - Traditional
9:45 - Contemporary
11:00 – Traditional


Upcoming Sermons 

“Finding the Way” Lenten Series:   Our Lenten Series is about finding your personal way to authentic faith.  Dr. Gardner is recommending three books that address the topic for three different audiences - men’s spirituality, women’s spirituality, and spirituality for mature Christians.  He’ll be looking at six key passages from How God Makes Men by Patrick Morley, For the Love by Jen Hatmaker, and Falling Upward by Richard Rohr.  We’ll also challenge people to keep a “Finding the Way” Journal for the season of Lent.

2/14/16                  James 1:17-22                 “Fighting for Grace” 

“Our generation is so hamstrung with striving and guilt, we no longer recognize God’s good and perfect gifts staring us in the face.”  Jen Hatmaker

2/21/16                  Genesis 12:1-6                “Believing God Anyway” 

“God makes men (and women) by showing us how we can believe Him anyway in the face of what seem like impossible circumstances.”  Patrick Morley

2/28/16                  Matthew 6:22-30              “Falling Upward”

“What looks like falling can be experienced as falling upward … into a broader and deeper world, where the soul has found its fullness.”  Richard Rohr

3/06/16                   I John 4:7-21                    “Not Being a Lame Christian” 

“Folks are explaining plainly why they are leaving faith or are too afraid to come near it. One of the chief reasons is this: Christians.” Jen Hatmaker

3/13/16                   Philippians 3:7-14           “A Surrendered Life” 

“We are offered grace. Is there any man of us so dull that at the end of any given day he would actually want what he deserved?” Patrick Morley

3/20/16                   Luke 19:29-42                  “When (Not If) You Stumble” 

“Sooner or later … some event, person, death, idea, or relationship will enter your life that you simply cannot deal with.”  Richard Rohr


Weekly Sermon Archive
If you would like to review past sermons, refer to the Sermon Archive page for a complete listing.

February 10
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Room 121
February 11
Thursday 7:00 PM
Room 119-120
February 13
Saturday 8:00 AM
Meditation Room

VBS Save the Dates!

Write it on your calendars! Vacation Bible School will take place June 13-16 from 6:00-8:15 pm nightly. Watch the newsletter and weekly announcements for more information. 


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