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6/12/09- From Butch-- This Ugandan Children's Choir will be performing at Old Mission on July 26! http://umtv.org/archives/uganda_childrens_choir.htm

5/12/09- From Rev. Karen Nyhart-- "This is my new FAVORITE website!" www.beadisciple.com

3/27/09- From Rev. Karen Nyhart-- Here is a modern day women at the well. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q49BbfgJbto

2/16/09- From Michele Bowen-- I LOVE The Gospel Music Channel. It's like MTV, but all Christian Music- all genres- from country, rock, hard rock, gospel, hip hop and everything in between. They have artists who give their testimonies. I think it's wonderful for our kids/youth to have this to watch. The videos of the artists are every bit as good, and much better than MTV. If you have Roadrunner digital, it's channel 196. I don't think AT&T has it yet and i'm not sure about anyone else. But their website is pretty cool as well.

10/22/08- From Mike Ott-- This is a GREAT radio station! In Kansas City it's 97.3.

10/9/08- From Elizabeth Adams-- One of my favorite authors is Dick Francis. He was a steeplechase jockey for Queen Elizabeth and we saw him ride when we lived in England. Most of his books involve horses in one way or another, but also include information on a variety of other subjects.

10/3/08- From Rev. Karen Nyhart-- This website has lots of helpful information. www.fivepractices.org

10/3/08- From Butch-- "You serve the church well when you raise uncomfortable questions." -Bishop Spong
"Ideas, even very good ones, don't always work." - unknown
Read Matthew 5, 6, and 7.

9/29/08- From Karen Eisele-- Stephen Curtis Chapman interview on Good Morning America.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApIQXJqJmAs

9/16/08- From Karen Eisele-- Third Day's new Revelation cd ROCKS! I truly believe that their music is written straight from the hand of God. I can't get enough of it. Hope you enjoy! www.thirdday.com  or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHbJjbvcuqQ

9/11/08- From Butch-- Powerful 9/11 presentation: Click HERE

8/22/08- From Butch-- Video about a Father's love for his Son: Click HERE