Time: 9:35-10:40 on Sunday Mornings
Place: Room 141

The Seekers Class is a small group of adults. Most members finished college sometime in the late 1960s or during the 1970s, and most are married, though singles are welcome. Some have children and some have grandchildren. The first part of the class time is for fellowship, coffee and optional treats. The lesson begins at 10.

We love to discuss ideas in depth, and may spend several class sessions on a single topic, if interest dictates. Topics for discussion include periodic series on books, stories or people of the Bible, contemporary issues (including some of the current "hot-button" topics), cultural roots of Christian traditions, Christianity in today's world, contemporary books on Christian topics, and we also do occasional series that help us to examine and understand the ideas and values of other religious traditions besides our own. Sometimes we use or build upon curriculum resources owned by Old Mission; other times, we'll bring in things found on our own.

A normal class discussion will have participants looking up Bible verses, but also usually accessing other resources as well. We feel a number of differing opinions makes for a more interesting discussion, so participants should be prepared to accept that on some things we will “agree to disagree.”

We also enjoy socializing outside of class, with annual Valentine's dinners and Christmas parties, and also picnics or other get-togethers. Most of us are K-Staters, but as in all matters of faith and opinion, we are philosophically inclusive!