What is Old Mission Academy?

The Old Mission Academy is an assortment of adult classes to help us discover how faith and life come together as we grow in our faith journey.

The Academy has offered courses in the area of Bible, Theology, Finances, Art, and Prayer. We have also provided Retreats and Seminar opportunities. The thought is that as we grow and learn spiritually, we will deepen our walk with God and become better disciples of Jesus Christ.


God in a Box
Rev. Marion Pember - author and class facilitator
Starting Tuesday, May 6th from 6:30 - 7:30 pm

This 4 week class will be looking at what kind of God people have in the "God box", the metaphorical box that holds your personal beliefs about God and other religious issues.

Topics for discussion include God, Jesus, miracle and the hereafter.  The book, "God in a Box" will enhance your participating in the class.  Copies are available for purchase for $10.00 in the church office.  It is also available online at amazon.com in Kindle edition and barnesandnoble.com in Nook edition.

How do I register for Old Mission Academy? (one of the ways shown below)

1. Call (913) 262-1040 and register with Karen Nyhart at ext. 102. Include all the information found on the registration form.
2. E-mail Karen Nyhart at
karen@oldmission.org, including all of your registration information.
3. Let us know if you need the nursery when you register.

Scholarships are available if there is need in covering a course fee. We do not want the cost to keep anybody from taking a course!