Dear Nursery Parents,

We have two rooms, an infant room and a toddler room (18 months to 2 years). There is a table outside the infant nursery for you to sign in and take a pager. At this time, let the nursery workers take your child into the nursery along with the diaper bag. This helps cut down the confusion in such a small room.

We have three paid nursery workers who are in the nursery every Sunday. We have two part-time paid nursery workers who are in the nursery at least two Sundays a month. Your child should see at least one familiar face each Sunday. We also have parent volunteers who help in the nursery when needed.

All of the nursery caregivers and volunteers have taken the Safe and Sacred Spaces training, which is required for any adult working with children in the church. It is another step the church has taken to provide the children a safe environment.

Below is more information about the nursery and what the caregivers do to provide a healthy, safe and loving environment.

- All items belonging to your child should be clearly marked with child’s name, including their diaper bag. Nametags are available at the sign in table.
- Infants will be held when bottle-fed until able to hold a bottle on their own.
- No infant or toddler will be allowed to sleep with a bottle.
- Bottles should be prepared at home and marked with child’s name. Child care workers will not prepare bottles.
- Any evidence of neglect, abuse, or unusual injuries will be noted and reported to the Pastor.
- Children with temperatures of 100 degrees or more, runny ears or eyes and discolored mucus from the nose may not be left in the church nursery. These symptoms indicate contagious illnesses.
- Children with vomiting, diarrhea, etc. may not be left in the church nursery, until symptom free for 24 hours.
- In order to best serve their interest, children should not be left in the church nursery over four hours.
- It would be appreciated if all parents (mom and/or dad) would volunteer to help in the nursery.

If you have any questions or concerns about the nursery, please call me at 913. 642.7837 or email charlottechristiansen07@yahoo.com.

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